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Well, there's nothing better to do. - "The beloved, beloved, psycho horror..." [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Well, there's nothing better to do. [Jul. 30th, 2006|09:03 pm]
[Current Location |Somewhere between the pages of a book]
[mood |boredx.x]
[music |Forever Lost - BLOOD]

Boredom hit hard x.o So!

J-rock Survey
The Basics
How did you discover j-rock::Inadvertantly through a jpop song in my head
How long have you liked j-rock::About three years? Maybe three and a half?
What was the first band you ever heard::Dir en grey
Were you impressed by their music or looks first::Music. I didn't know what they looked like
Did you mistake any of the members for women at first glance::Only one, but from another band
If so, who::Mana! ><
Do you like visual kei::As long as they don't sound like everyone else
Do you like j-pop::...very little
Are you into fanservice::Not so much
Admit it...you’ve mistaken at least one j-rocker for a girl::Yes x.x
Playing Favorites
Your favorite band (music)::Somewhere between Dir en grey, and Raphael
Your favorite band (eye-candy)::Hyde... He makes pretty videos
Who’s got the best visual:The band with the biggest eyes?
Who’s your favorite j-rocker::Yuki [ex Raphael]
You’re favorite song::I am favorite song? What? [Hard Reality by COALTAR OF THE DEEPERS]
Favorite music style::Whatever strikes my ears and is liked
Clothing style::Whatever's clean x.o
Yaoi couple (be creative)::...Yoshiki x Regis Philbin
Vote a j-rocker most..
Talented::They all have good talents, so I can't say who's best
Disturbing::...Shingo Mama [not really rock, but you can feel where I'm coming from]
Edible::Err....cannibalism is bad, unless you're in Schwarz Stein.
Engrish speaking::Miyavi
Annoying::Sugizo... [don't shoot me]
Sex-able::Yuki >>;;
Feminine::...Shinya? O.o
Likely to jump you in an alley::Kirito....because I....took his bedroom door?
Likely to be beaten up by gangsters::Kirito, because it was thier alley in the first place
Likely to let you bear their children::Miyavi, who humps anything that moves
Likely to try and eat you::Hora. But I'm safe from the New Vogue Children! :B
Likely to be an actual woman::TOSHI!
Likely to be a spy from Russia::Die >_>
Likely to become ruler of Japan::Yoshiki. He owns everything, anyway
First j-rock that comes to mind
Ass::Yoshiki, who flaunts his
Abs::Kyo, who does things shirtless
Vocals::Yuki. Oh god, Yuki
Bass::Taiji o.O
Synthesizer::Mana. That's all he's good for.
Goth::D'espairs Ray
Bondage::-insert select photoshoot from any band here-
Sex::Miyavi? O.o
Engrish::Toshi [Kyo or Miyavi optional, but no one can understand them.]
Hump::Miyavi. It's just what he does.
Manson::hide may have been friends with?
Visual::La Mule [another run-of-the-mill visual band]
Hand Cuffs...::....Yoshiki e.e
Children::Mana's a pedo!!!
Food::Kyo. Feed him. Now!
Random Questionage
If you could sex up any j-rocker who would it be::Yuki
Why them::To see the...other capabilities of his voice.
Read any j-rock fanfiction::Have before
Ever written any j-rock fanfiction::Long time ago
Any j-rock fantasies you'd care to share..::The day Mana wears pants
Pink Spider???:shippaida!!
What three j-rockers would you most want to meet::Yuki, Kyo, Yoshiki
Ever been to any live shows::No....
Was it good::From the reports I read cause I wasn't there, yes D:
Doesn't Miyavi have the sexiest evil smile you've ever seen?::I wouldn't say 'evil', persay...
Ok ok...Kirito or Marilyn Manson::...Kirito because I'd probably servive If I poked him with a stick for an hour.
Think any j-rocker would be slightly frightened of you if they read this::Yuki, maybe, Kirito definately. He'll get anti-poke insurance! D:
Any last words...::Seth et Holth is a fucking mind trip.
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I edited this code. Hah.

YAAAAAAAAAAAAY BOREDOM!! -goes back to reading-